Laurel Run Cooking School History

Laurel Run Cooking School has been owned and operated by Marcia DePalma since 1996. It has been featured in The Plain Dealer, Wine Buzz and Ohio Magazine, and was televised on The Food Network’s ‘Top 5’ in October 2004, 2005 and 2006.

Laurel Run Cooking School is located on eleven acres in historic Brownhelm Township, just five miles south of Vermilion, four miles west of Amherst.

In the beginning, Laurel Run began as a small cottage business teaching classes on herbs. Early on students began asking for cooking classes and soon Laurel Run began offering a variety of classes. When I did hands-on cooking classes, they were often conducted in my home kitchen. As interest grew, we expanded Laurel Run into a well-equipped cooking school.

We are proud of what we have created as a family. It is due to their support and willingness to share their personal space that I am able to live out this dream.

So when you see someone on a tractor mowing the many acres of grass or plowing snow on the long drive, it’s my family. And sometimes you will meet my husband or son when they enter the back door of the school to "see what’s cooking". I believe it is our friendly, down-home atmosphere that makes Laurel Run a unique and relaxing place to visit. We hope you enjoy your experience here. Welcome to Laurel Run!