Cooking Classes

Thursday , February  16, 2017   6:30 - 9:00 pm

Most of us own an iron skillet, but not many use it. My iron skillet remains one of my main cooking tools and tonight we discover why chefs love this workhorse. Learn its history, the collector pieces still out there (if yours is old, turn it over and read the name on the back: look for Griswold or Wagner) and “How to Care for Your Cast Iron”. We will make quick dough that we will turn into “FOCACCIA” that will turn into a large PANINI and use the same dough to make PIZZA! Enjoy CRISP OVEN-FRIED CHICKEN WITH A RICH SKILLET GRAVY over mashed potatoes with golden CORNBREAD. Our NEW ORLEANS BREAD PUDDING WITH BOURBON WHISKEY SAUCE must be made in an iron skillet! So pull out your hand-me-down skillet, or buy a new pre-seasoned one―once you try these recipes, you’ll be a cast iron convert.


Instructor: Marcia DePalma Cooking Instructor

$ 60.00 per person