Cooking Classes
French Classics Made Easy

Tuesday , April  11, 2017   6:30-9:00PM

French food has found a place on restaurant menus but many do not attempt it at home. Let’s explore some of the classics and discover how easy they are to serve at home. We will enjoy foods often found in a Paris Bistro. FRENCH ONION SOUP with toasted crouton and gruyere cheese; QUICHE LORRAINE WITH HOLLANDAISE SAUCE; CROQUE-MONSIEUR (ham and cheese with a béchamel sauce) with a LIGHT SALAD OF GREENS; and the perfect ROAST CHICKEN WITH GRATIN DAUPHINOIS (classic scalloped potatoes). Techniques: caramelizing onions, making tart dough, hollandaise sauce, making a roux for béchamel sauce, roasting and resting meat properly.

Instructor: Marcia DePalma Cooking Instructor

$ 60.00 per person