Cooking Classes

Tuesday , September  26, 2017   6:30-9:00pm

When a recipe that calls for wine it may create doubt for home cooks who don't know what to choose. This class will give you tips on cooking with wine and demonstrate techniques that should give you confidence. We will discuss: Why cook with wine? Can I use cooking wine? What if the recipe isn't clear on the kind of wine? Does alcohol burn off during cooking? Tequila Lime Marinated Shrimp, Port Roasted Grapes on Bleu Cheese Toasts, French Onion Soup with Wine & Cognac, Cornish Hens with Apples and Brandy Cream Sauce and Flaming Bananas Foster. You are welcome to bring wine!


Instructor: Marcia DePalma Cooking Instructor

$ 65.00 per person