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COOKING FISH WITH CONFIDENCE *1 seat open         September  25, 2014   6:30-9:00PM

Fish is finding its way onto more tables than ever before because we want to include more fish in our diets. Many cooks are reluctant to try cooking fish at home because they are unsure about what to buy and how to cook it properly. These recipes will use the more readily available fish: Roast Chilean Sea Bass with Shallot Wine Butter Sauce, Pan-Sautéed Tilapia with Lemon/Caper Sauce, Sear-Roast Salmon with Spicy Pesto, and Dijon-Herb encrusted Salmon with fresh Tomato Salsa. Side dishes served with each.

TODAY’S FRENCH COOKING *6 seats open                         September  30, 2014   6:30-9:00PM

Tom’s five months in France gave him the opportunity to eat and learn about today’s French Cooking. He will share simple, quick appetizers, main courses and side dishes that you can make for a week night meal or elegant entertaining. We’ll start with two French "verrines”, popular make-ahead appetizers, followed by three regional French main dishes with delicious light pan sauces that you can make in under a minute. Chicken Filets with Thyme and Mushrooms served with Vegetable Gratin; Pork Cutlets with Creamy Mustard Sauce and Cheesy Garlic Potatoes; Poached White Fish with White Wine Butter Sauce and a Slice of Provencal Ratatouille Cake.


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Regardless of a persons skills or experience, anyone can learn something new and enjoy the rewards of fine cooking. Every class conducted at Laurel Run offers valuable cooking techniques and tips and appeal to all levels of cooking experience. The staff of experienced, knowledgeable cooking instructors and chefs will increase your cooking knowledge each time you are here. You not only go home with recipes, but you have the opportunity to taste, discover and understand new flavors and enjoy the delicious food prepared in class.

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Our mission statement at Laurel Run Cooking School is to educate, excite and entertain. We want our students to learn new skills and gain confidence in the kitchen, we want them to go home excited about cooking, and we want to them to have fun! We are proud of our informative classes that are conducted in a down-to-earth, friendly atmosphere.

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