Dear Friends

Update as of May 22
There are 4 seats open for the evening Cook's Herb Garden class  Thursday May 25

At the end of May Laurel Run will be closing until September.  There are travels plans this summer, lots of recipe testing, gardening and relaxing!  

Laurel Run Cooking School celebrated its 21th Anniversary this May.    I want to sincerely thank everyone for their support over these years. It is my hope that I have made a difference in some ways in your life through the food you cook and the families and friends you share it with. Again as a reminder about the smaller number of classes:  I am slowing down the schedule at Laurel Run.  I want to "slow the pace but stay in the race" so to speak. There may not be as many classes offered as there have been in the past... but I am still excited to teach and happy about what we are doing here at Laurel Run!

Celebrating 21 Years of Cooking and Learning!

Best Regards

Marcia DePalma, Cooking Instructor  

 Laurel Run's Mission Statement

Our mission statement at Laurel Run Cooking School is to educate, excite and entertain. We want our students to learn new skills and gain confidence in the kitchen, we want them to go home excited about cooking, and we want to them to have fun! We are proud of our informative classes that are conducted in a down-to-earth, friendly atmosphere.

Laurel Run Cooking School is a Limited Liability Company